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SWIM Current Partners

SWIM/WATERiD Current Organization Partners


NASSCO was formed in 1976 with one goal in mind: To improve the success rate of everyone involved in the pipeline rehabilitation industry through education, technical resources, and industry advocacy. NASSCO is constantly researching, evaluating and developing new methods to train its members and educate them about the importance of properly rehabilitated underground utilities.
Contact: Mr. Ted Deboda
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The North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) is a not-for-profit society promoting the practical, social and environmental benefits of Trenchless Technology.
Contact: Ms. Michelle Hill
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The Water Environment Research Foundation, formed in 1989, is America’s leading independent scientific research organization dedicated to wastewater and stormwater issues. For more than 20 years WERF has produced hundreds of research reports, valued at more than $100 million. WERF is a nonprofit organization that operates with funding from subscribers and the federal government. WERF takes a progressive approach to research, stressing collaboration among teams of subscribers, environmental professionals, scientists, and staff.
Contact: Mr. Walter Graf
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SWIM/WATERiD Current Academic Partner


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur carries out original research of significance and technology development at the cutting edge. It imparts training for students to make them competent, motivated engineers and scientists. The Institute not only celebrates freedom of thought, cultivates vision and encourages growth, but also inculcates human values and concern for the environment and the society.
Contact: Professor Sudhir Mishra
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SWIM/WATERiD Current Media Partner


BMI is a multi-faceted business-to-business media company in markets ranging from construction to water infrastructure. It is dedicated to meeting the expectations of its readers, advertisers, vendors and all stakeholders in the markets it serves. BMI has found success identifying and promoting emerging markets through quality business-to-business publications and innovative exhibitions and conference programs.
Contact: Mr. Bernard Krzys
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Oildom Publishing was started in 1908 by Oliver C. Klinger. For over 100 years, Oildom has remained a family-owned business while continuously publishing high-quality and market relevant titles serving the energy, construction and rehabilitation markets. Today, we are comprised of two award-winning circulation-audited monthly magazines, a vibrant monthly news circular and two industry-leading conferences. We are based in Houston, TX, but we have readers and contacts around the world.

Contact: Mr. Robert Carpenter

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